An escapee from a mental hospital abducted a ten-year-old girl from a YWCA sexually attacked her and smothered her. There was no doubt about his guilt. A fourteen-year-old held the door while he carried a bundle that had two skinny legs sticking out of it to his car. Two days later the killer led the police to the girl’s clothing and body. Yet, the Supreme Court voted to overturn his conviction.

Why? Because even after he had been warned five times of his right to remain silent, he allowed himself to be coaxed by a detective into leading police to the body. The court declared that the man was wrongfully interrogated. His rights were violated.

A man beat, kicked, and held a little four-year-old child’s head under water because he could not spell “butterfly.” The child later died from the treatment. At an auction in the state of Louisiana an abortion was auctioned off for $30.00. A local clinic donated the service to the group conducting the auction to raise money.

New York City in 1975 had more abortions performed than they had births reported. There were over 106,000 abortions during that year in New York City. Legal abortions during the year of 1975 (since such operations were legalized) numbered close to one million. There was an increase of 12% during the year. One third of those having the operation performed were teenagers! About 14,000 of the abortions were performed on girls fourteen and under. At the same time in 1975 there were over 12,000 babies born to girls between the ages of ten and fourteen. (Today we are informed there have been at least sixty million babies that were killed in abortion activities in America.)

Those who advocate abortions have been reported to say, “It is the most common legal surgical procedure after tonsillectomy.” If the United States lost a million of its young people to the ravages of some war, or to an earthquake or some other terrible disaster, you would hear a great cry go up for them. Yet a million (and more) of our children are sacrificed for the pleasures of mankind, and it is waved aside as so many tonsils.

In 1976 there were over one million Americans living together without being married. In six short years the number of such debasing practices doubled. In ten short years, between 1966 and 1976, the number of divorces more than doubled, while many refuses to become married, choosing rather to live with someone. Thousands of others sever their marriage in the name of selfish pleasure. At the same time our nation’s capital reported to have more children born out of wedlock than were born legitimately.

The sexual revolution has plunged our nation into a cesspool of filth. Never before — unless it would have been in the days of the Romans, or the Antediluvians or the people of Sodom (which I doubt seriously that there were such things being promoted in that distant day as is being peddled today in this sick, mad society), have we been bombarded with such filth and indecency which is being placed at the disposal of people of all ages. The courts and religious systems turn their backs to this evil monster.

A Sick Society

The newspapers are continually informing us of the troubles that plague our world — the terrorist activities, the kidnappings — along with the myriad of other types of crimes that are being perpetrated on today’s generation. This is merely what we read in our newspaper. There remains your newspaper that likewise contains similar reports of activities in your own area. And then there are the many crimes and acts of sin that go unreported. Considering all this, one concludes the Lord must be soon to return for His church.

The liberal, permissive attitude of today’s courts and authorities have plunged us into a society of filth and indecency. One of the signs given by the Lord concerning end time events was that the last day generation would be like the generation of Noah’s day and the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The things spoken of as being prevalent in their day is evident in our own age.

Ancient Rome

Mr. Gibbon, in his book The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, lists six basic reasons for Rome’s fall:

1. Excessive spending by the government.

2. Unwillingness of young men to bear arms and fight for their country.

3. Overindulgence in luxury.

4. Breakdown in morality and easy divorces that weakened family life.

5. Excessive effeminacy, with boys and men dressing and acting like women.

6. Drifting away from religion.

There was a group of scholars who were discussing Mr. Gibbon’s views and how they relate to present-day America. One participant stated that he noted one basic difference between the United States and Rome, “In the Roman Empire only a minority could indulge in its sensual pleasures. Everybody is entitled to be depraved now.”

The sad thing is that so many people seem to be blinded as to where their path is leading them. Being caught up in their wild craves for pleasures they have lost sight of where such pleasures will eventually lead them. What a horrible price to pay for a few pleasures of this old world.

In 2Timothy 3:1–5 the apostle Paul gives us a descriptive picture of our generation when he spoke how people would be “Lovers of their own selves, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, incontinent.”

The world has gone mad. There are no restraints placed on the lustful sinful desires of today’s generation, anything goes — no holds barred in man’s mad craze for excitement and thrills in this sinful, ungodly, unholy age.

Men laugh at God and righteous living while they tip a bottle to their lips or while they cavort off to another wild party. Our courts have been turned into a circus where crime does pay, and the poor victim of crime is often the one who suffers the most.

It Is Not All Dark

While it may appear to be nothing but a picture of gloom and darkness around us in our world, yet amid all the ungodliness there remains a host who has not bowed the knee to Baal. At no time does a light shine brighter than when it is the darkest.

In no other age should the Church of Jesus Christ shine forth with its radiant beams than in this hour of darkness. There remain those who do want something that will give them more than just a momentary joy ride. We, the Church, have the only lasting hope for our world. While many religious leaders are winking at sin and sinful ways; there are thousands of Apostolic ministers who stand in the pulpits across this globe declaring the word of God which condemns the sinful practices of mankind, those who have not given in to the pressures of this age, those who refuse to bend the knee to Baal regardless of the consequences.

If the careless virgin and the unprofitable servant, against whom no flagrant iniquity is charged, be punished with outer darkness, with a hell of fire; what sorer punishment must be judged worthy for the murderer, adulterer, fornicator, blasphemer, thief, liar or any open violator of the laws of God?

Will such sin and ungodliness go unchecked by God? A thousand times, “No!!!!” The fiery indignation of God’s wrath shall someday soon fall upon this sinful, mad world. Those who have given their life to fulfill their sinful pleasures shall someday stand before the judgment throne of God to hear the awful doom, “Depart ye cursed into outer darkness.” The pleasures which seemed so long and enjoyable in this life will shrink into a mere moment of time in comparison to the eternity in the lake of fire.

Many that are last shall be first, and the first last, even in the kingdom. But much more will this reversal be seen in the case of those who are not in the kingdom at all. Many who were among the great, the high, the noble of earth will not then be owned by the King; while many poor but humble saints of God will hear a voice saying, “Friend, come up higher.” Then many of the earth’s despised ones shall enter the presence of the King. They shall sit with Him on His throne, and they shall have dominion in the morning. God will cause all things to work together for the good for those that love him. Evil may ride high for a time, but it must hide its head at last. When the wicked are ashamed, the righteous will lift their heads for the day of their redemption will have come.

Join me, Bishop ML Walls, each Monday morning as we study the Bible together.